Insurance policy

Why choose us?

Our office runs on a friendly policy of making the most of your time and our time. We try to stay on schedule not making our patients wait. As you get to know us you become family to us. That is why we love coming to work and see our patients. When we work together good results are achieved. We are always looking to improve things for the better while still working at a calm relaxed pace.
Making Dental Care Affordable:
We are in-network with most dental insurance providers and offer an in-office insurance plan for people without regular coverage. Our financial coordinators strive to ensure you are able to maximize your benefits and understand your financial obligation. Additionally, as a private practice, we have the freedom to design custom payment arrangements: you will receive the care you need without straining your budget.
Our Dedication to Our Patients:
Each of us thrives on the longstanding, professional relationships we build with those in our care. We enjoy getting to know our patients, personally, and developing a trusting connection based on honest communication and ethical treatment. We welcome the opportunity to create a similar relationship with you
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